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by Shinar, Daniel

This astonishing story binds together the fates of Saar and Ali, born under the same red sun -- one in Israel, the other in Palestine. At an American sponsored peace camp, they strike up an unlikely friendship. But when tragedy strikes, their friendship throws the entire region into chaos.

Their paths cross in the alleyways of Nablus, the streets of Tel Aviv, the cafes of Berlin, the most far-flung corners of Africa and Afghanistan. And finally, in a ramshackle cafe in a dusty African city, an encounter from which they know only one will emerge alive.

The book draws the reader vividly into the eerie world of hackers and spies, special forces, terrorists, dual loyalties, and a desperate love for the same woman. But at the center, RED SKIES is the tragic story of two young men who must choose between the friendship that binds them and the hatred that tears them apart

RED SKIES reads so close to the truth that it very nearly wasn't published.

Pored over by the Mossad and approved by a special government committee after a year of negotiations with Israeli intelligence, this riveting thriller by a former Israeli intelligence officer climbed to the top of the bestseller list and stayed there for five months.

RED SKIES is the book they didn't want you to read and the thriller you won't put down.

Daniel Shinar served for six years as an officer in one of Israel's elite intelligence units, tasked with tracking the world's most dangerous terrorists. Today he runs a technology investment firm and serves on the board of directors of various Israeli and global tech companies. Daniel Shinar is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. RED SKIES is his first novel, and he is currently working on a sequel.

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Shinar surprises and skips over the banal and the unfeasible. The result is fascinating and enthralling.

Quote: Guy Horovitz, HA'ARETZ

An excellent new book, full of suspense, imaginative but just realistic enough. Chilling reading!

Quote: Ronen Bergman, author of the NYT Bestseller, RISE AND KILL FIRST

The book is magnificent tense and important, the perfect combination of heart and action.

Quote: Gideon Raff, Creator & Producer of HOMELAND

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