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How to Calm Your Thoughts, Heal Your Mind, and Bring Life Back Under Control

by Annibali, Joseph A.

A prescriptive guide to restoring cognitive calm, based on Amen Clinic Chief Psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Annibali's three decades of treating patients who suffer from overloaded, over-stimulated brains.

Dr. Joseph Annibali has treated thousands of people with overloaded, over-stimulated brains. Some people describe their brain as being "in chaos"; others feel that their brain is "on fire." But whether they are ultimately diagnosed with "normal" anxiety, disabling OCD, depression, bipolar disorder, or even substance abuse, the underlying problem is a Too-Busy-Brain, a great irritant that interferes with attention, concentration, focus, mood, and often much more. It may even be a sign of undetected damage to either the brain or the body itself. But through practical strategies, understandable explanations, and prescriptive mind-management techniques, Dr. Annibali will help readers finally reclaim their brains and get back in control of their lives.

Dr. Joseph Annibali is Chief Psychiatrist for the world-renowned Amen Clinics, Reston, VA. He has treated thousands of patients with psychological and psychiatric disorders and is one of the nation's leading experts on using brain SPECT imaging with Lyme disease. He is also a leading expert on Irlen syndrome, a little known but very common visual processing disorder that profoundly affects brain function. Dr. Annibali gives regular talks, presentations, and webinars throughout the Washington DC area on topics such as ADD, anxiety, mood disorders, autism, Alzheimer's, Lyme disease, and naturally, Calming the Busy Brain.

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Readers of this book will be surprised to learn how much they can really do for themselves to calm their busy brains once they know how their brains work.

Quote: Daniel G. Amen, MD

This is a book that you will want to read over and over again, whether you are a layperson or a therapist…whether you, yourself, will be using the valuable and practical information it contains or teaching it to others. This revolutionary book provides a new understanding of how brain function affects mental health translated into an easy, yet profoundly relevant, approach that anyone can understand and implement. You will learn how an overactive brain interferes with attention, concentration, focus, and more - and understand how your brain controls your behavior. Reclaim Your Brain is filled with easy-to-implement recommendations and action plans to improve your brain’s ability to function and allow you to lead a happier, healthier, more productive life.

Quote: Helen L. Irlen, MA, BCPC, LMFT

Reclaim Your Brain presents a practical and accessible guide to integrating current perspectives on mind and brain by melding well-constructed case examples into a user-friendly path toward self-help. Dr Annibali has a clear perspective on how to find your own identity apart from your deceptive brain messages.

Quote: Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D/Author

Comprehensive in what he treats and how he treats it, Dr. Annibali doesn’t just stop at the diagnosis but looks for the underlying cause, whether psychological, nutritional or simply miswiring and misfiring of brain circuits. In a warm and unceasingly expert manner, Dr. Annibali then finds the solution in our new model of psychiatry that helps individuals truly reclaim their brain.

Quote: Hyla Cass M.D./Author

A well-rounded discussion of common mental problems and strategies for dealing with them.

Review: Kirkus

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