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by Condran, Jeffrey

Stefanie and Henry are Americans living in Prague; she works for the State Department, he is a rare books dealer. They live the life of a comfortably married couple – morning coffee at the same café every day, social events with the same small group of friends, a little too much to drink in the evenings and a single episode of Poirot every night before bed.

Until one day their world is turned upside down by the arrival from the States of Stefanie’s old friend, Selma Al-Khateeb....

Selma's husband has been mysteriously arrested and indefinitely imprisoned. At first it appears that Selma has come to escape her problems but soon her reasons for coming to Prague seem more sinister and murky and Stefanie and Henry’s placid existence is turned upside down in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

Jeffrey Condran is the author of the recently published collection from Press 53, A FINGERPRINT REPEATED. His work has been honored with several awards, including The Missouri Review’s 2010 William Peden Prize and Pushcart Prize nominations. His latest story appeared in The Kenyon Review. He teaches writing at the University of Pittsburgh.

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The genesis of Jeffrey Condran's debut novel, 'Prague Summer,' came from one of the worst days in American history.

Review: Pittburgh Tribune

Fluctuating between wry observation and solemn introspection, this is an expressive, tantalizing and ingeniously constructed study of human character.

Review: Kirkus Review

Like the city itself, Prague Summer is romantic and mysterious, with a refined literary bent. "One can meet everybody here," our expatriate narrator says, before his quiet life implodes. Jeffrey Condran's debut novel is at once civilized and insidious.

Quote: Stewart O'Nan, author

Winner of the Silver Medal in the Literary Fiction category for the Independent Publisher Book Awards

Quote: Borchardt

...Everything that happens to Stephanie and Henry may have happened here before, but its rendering in this place, in such closely-observed scenes, pushed me to reach the end of this literary page-turner in a single day.

Review: Necessary Fiction; Rachel May

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