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Hearty, High-protein Recipes for Vegetarians, Flexitarians and Curious Carnivores

by Asbell, Robin

Plant proteins that deliver all the meaty satisfaction of your favorite comfort foods

Mock meats have progressed way beyond basic seitan, and reducing your meat consumption is easier than ever before with these realistic alternatives. With a handy guide to ingredients, cooking methods, and the basic flavor profiles behind what makes "meat" so tasty, this book is for meat lovers who still want an option that mimics the real thing, and vegetarians who don't want all the additives you get with processed, store- bought mock meats. From meat loaf to sausages, from pâté to jerky, Robin Asbell has a plant- based answer for midweek suppers, weekend brunches, and holiday showstoppers.

Recipes include:
- Thai Meatballs in Red Curry
- Smoky King Trumpet Mushroom Bacon
- Cauliflower Buffalo Wings
- Jackfruit Pulled Pork and Barbecue Sauce
- Turkey Roll with Stuffing

Robin Asbell is a cookbook writer and chef. Her work has appeared in Clean Eating, Better Homes and Gardens, Vegetarian Times, Real Food, and elsewhere. She lives and teaches cooking classes outside Minneapolis.

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