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The Fierce and Funny Manifesto By Broadcaster Emma Barnett

by Barnett, Emma

At a time when women around the world are raising their voices in the fight for equality, there is still one taboo where there remains a deafening silence: periods.

The book will be an agenda-setting manifesto to remove the stigma and myths continuing to surround the female body. Bold, unapologetic and a crusade to ignite conversation, PERIOD. is a book for every woman - and man.

Emma Barnett says: 'Pretty much every woman bleeds. Periods are perfectly natural occurrences albeit often bloody painful ones. (See what I did there?) And yet, somehow they remain one of the final societal taboos. But why? What's really driving women's and men's collective horror and squeamishness? Who started the war on periods? And by keeping periods as shameful, secret happenings, what unexamined harm is being done to women and crucially, what jokes are we missing out on? Honourable discharge anyone? I aim for PERIOD. to be a joyful and irreverent rallying cry, filled with untold stories and insights, so that all women and men can locate their period pride. Period. Join the conversation @emmabarnett #periodpride.'

Emma Barnett is an award-winning broadcaster and journalist. It was Emma who left Jeremy Corbyn clutching for his iPad last year when she interviewed him about his key childcare 2017 election pledge in a car crash interview on Woman's Hour. And it was she who personally landed the Prime Minister for her flagship morning show on BBC 5, live post her disastrous election and managed to get Theresa May to admit she shed a little tear when learning the results. She was also named Broadcaster of the Year at the prestigious PSA 2017 awards.

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Clever, useful and wise. Read it. Pass it on to your daughters. And then to your sons.

Quote: Fi Glover

Why has it taken so long for this powerful, fearless book to be written?

Quote: Emma Freud

Author's article: 'The best first-sex story I've ever heard and what it says about women's period shame' ...

Quote: iNews

Funny, fiery and full of surprising facts.

Review: The Sunday Times Magazine

I wish this book had been written before I stopped having them. I might have enjoyed them more! It's brilliant, informative and funny. Period.

Quote: Jennifer Saunders

Uniquely funny and forthright.

Quote: Pandora Sykes

Stylist Magazine interview, 'Emma Barnett on why society dislikes women who speak out'...

Quote: Stylist Magazine

Completely un-grim, informative, and entertaining.

Quote: Rachel Johnson

Terrific. Unique. Never read anything like it.

Quote: Richard Madeley

Emma cuts right through all the myths and embarrassment with searing facts, honesty and, perhaps more importantly, humour. A bleeding good read.

Quote: Yomi Adegoke

An open, honest and achingly funny celebration of menstruation.

Quote: Amika George

A must read for everyone. Period.

Quote: Kirsty Wark

Passionate, informed and thought-provoking.

Quote: Jane Garvey

A brilliant, myth-busting, funny and poignant book.

Quote: Helen Pankhurst

Smart, funny, enjoyable and tackling a subject head on that so many others would choose to avoid. I bloody loved it!

Quote: Becky Vardy

I want to hear what Emma Barnett says about everything, and this terrific and timely book proves to be no exception.

Quote: Elizabeth Day

Emma Barnett is absolutely right to question why there is still such stigma surrounding women's periods when they are so central to our biology.

Review: The Daily Mail

Author's article: To my merciless, brutal period: it's time you and I talked' ...

Quote: The Guardian

A must-read for anyone wanting to navigate discussions about women's issues in the 21st century.

Review: Refinery29

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