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by Aranda, Ana

A family honors their living and dead relatives as they celebrate this holiday with shared food and stories.

The Day of the Dead is a happy day when Mar's family gathers to celebrate with family. There are favorite dishes to enjoy, games to be played, and most importantly, stories to tell. No one in the family is forgotten because this is the day when the dead are just as important as the living - and for this holiday it is almost as if they're alive again, as the family takes great joy in celebrating the things that made them special. Mar realizes she is just like her Grandpa Ramón, who kept a journal too. And her sister Paz plays accordian, just like their great-grandfather. There are so many things that connect them all - and at dinner, Abuelita spins even more stories that make them feel close to the ones they will love forever. Ana Aranda's tender text and vibrant art make the joy felt on this sweet day totally palpable.

Ana Aranda ( also illustrated Moth & Butterfly: Ta-da! (by Dev Petty) and The Chupacabra Ate the Candelabra (by Marc Tyler Nobleman). She was born and raised in Mexico City, and completed her undergraduate studies in illustration in France. In San Francisco, she painted murals in the Mission District, for the Consulate General of Mexico, and for the prestigious de Young Museum. Her biggest inspirations are her childhood memories, the vibrant colors of Mexico, and music. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Ana Aranda's tender text and vibrant art make the joy felt on this sweet day totally palpable.

Review: Ellie’s Infinite Books

Traditions and Tributes: An Interview with Ana Aranda

Quote: Musing

Brightly hosted Ana Aranda in a virtual Halloween/Day of the Dead themed Storytime Event on October 22

Quote: Brightly

...charming and delightfully illustrated book... Various traditional elements are briefly explained, like the marigolds, the sugar skulls, and the family display. The narrator, a child, offers exciting elements about her forebears' lives, loves, and accomplishments, which are both engaging and offer an insight to the holiday's true purpose... children will learn how the day is spent remembering specific details of their family members' lives, which is a wonderful tradition. Speaking of wondrous things, the colorful, painted illustrations are a delight in themselves, both cute and endearing. Both me and my children love them. Nothing macabre here! Just lots of family love, connections, and re-connecting to those who came before.

Review: KidsR.Us

The nuances of the connections between ancestors and current generations, and between lost loved ones and living ones, are expertly captured. Above all, the story centers on the joys of family and tradition. Shines a triumphant spotlight on Day of the Dead festivities.

Review: Kirkus

Ana Aranda's tender text and vibrant art make the joy felt on this sweet day totally palpable.

Review: YA Books Central

Host Shawna J. C. Tenney chats with author-illustrator Ana Aranda about her picture book, Our Day of the Dead Celebration.

Quote: Picturebooking Podcast

This is a sweet picture book about honoring ancestors and celebrating their memories.

Review: BookRiot

...a joyful, accessible introduction to a beloved holiday...

Review: Publishers Weekly

On October 28, Ana Aranda shared OUR DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION with students for Imagination Friday, co-sponsored by the Tucson Festival of Books and Worlds of Words/University of Arizona.

Quote: Imagination Fridays

This Picture Book Life blog ran a Day of the Dead themed craft post with Ana Aranda for OUR DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION.

Quote: This Picture Book Life

[P]erfect to introduce your little ones to the spirit of Día de los Muertos... [through] captivating words and illustrations... [T]his is truly a timeless capsule of joy, family, and culture.

Review: HipLatina, “6 Picture Books by Latinx Authors to Teach Kids About Día de los Muertos”

[A] wonderful introduction to the Day of the Dead... [A]n especially great book to share this autumn with anyone who has recently experienced a loss... [A] wonderful book for everyone to read in order to share in this bright and colorful festival.

Review: GeekMom

...warm artwork... the upbeat and happy tone reminds readers that remembering loved ones, even those we miss terribly, can be a source of joy.

Review: Booklist

...The importance of family, storytelling, and tradition shines through the text and joyous textured illustrations... Warm and vibrant... The matter-of-fact text contains not a hint of fear or mourning, which might be just the right tone for some children with a recent death in the family, making this a perennial title... Great fun.

Review: School Library Journal

...a particularly charming, entertaining, and illustrative story of a little girl and her family celebrating an important holiday in Mexican culture.

Review: Midwest Book Review

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