by Crossan, Sarah

Set in contemporary New Jersey, ONE is a novel about identity, sisterhood, and love that asks what it means to want and have a soul mate.

Tippi and Grace are not a normal set of teenage twins; they are conjoined. And although they could have undergone separation surgery at birth, their parents did not want to be the ones to make this life threatening decision. But things have changed. Grace is very sick. Her heart is failing and separation seems the only option if either of them wants a stab at survival. And Grace does. She wants Tippi to live, and she wants a chance to live too – to keep her family from grief and to get the chance to know Jon a little more, the only boy she’s ever met who looks at her face when they talk.

But separation could mean they spend the rest of their lives in wheelchairs. Separation could mean death. Is it worth the risks? Wouldn’t they simply prefer to live out the rest of their natural lives together than risk dying and being apart?

With ONE, Sarah returns to the verse format she used so successfully in The Weight of Water. This is exciting and shouldn’t hold you back. The verses are merely used as punctuation. They let the text breath, allowing the reader to slow down and give all their meaning to words and sentences. The text doesn’t rhyme, and its beauty resides partly in its simplicity.

Sarah Crossan grew up in Ireland and England. She graduated with a degree in philosophy and literature and since completing a Masters in creative writing, she has been working to promote creative writing in schools. Her first novel, The Weight of Water, was highly acclaimed and listed for numerous prizes (Carnegie Medal, CLPE Poetry Award, WeRead Award, Winner of the CBI Ellis Dillon Award, Winner of the Coventry Inspiration Book Award 11-14yrs). The German translation was shortlisted for the prestigious Jugendliteraturpreis and is currently being adapted into a stage play in Germany. Her second novel, Apple and Rain, is nominated for the Carnegie Award 2015.

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