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True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side

by John, Thomas

Manhattan medium Thomas John has been hailed as "the Hollywood psychic with the highest batting average" by The Hollywood Reporter, and as a psychic medium with "an impressive connection that impresses even the most skeptical minds" by Now he shares what he's seen and heard on the Other Side.

In this book, John shares with us fifteen fascinating stories of what happens when clients ask him to contact their dead friends and relatives. Included here are the story of a 30-something New Yorker who was unable to stop fantasizing about suicide until he conveys healing words from her dead fiancé; an account of an encounter with a grieving young woman in a drugstore--and the message he conveys from her dead six-year-old son; and a disturbing story of an unsolved murder case solved by information he received from the other side.

Above all, this is a book filled with comfort, love, forgiveness, and hope. For Thomas John, death is not the end, it is just the beginning. Our friends and relatives are still with us. They care for us. They watch over us. And, in times of particular need, they offer us their help.

Thomas John is an up-and-coming psychic medium and clairvoyant who has conducted thousands of readings around the world. He has been referred to as "the must-see celebrity psychic of NYC" by He has made numerous appearances in the media, including Dr. Phil, and has had dozens of features in the Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, OK! magazine, the New York Post, and the Hollywood Reporter. He is active on the lecture circuit, and his client list includes Courtney Cox, Julianne Moore, Stevie Nicks, and Goldie Hawn. Website:

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I've written a great deal about psychics over the years--for W Magazine, Women's Wear Daily, and for The Hollywood Reporter. Thomas John is very simply THE REAL DEAL. You don't come across that too often, Not only is he a miraculous channeler--knowing so many things from my family tree I'd forgotten myself--his psychic abilities are so accurate, they used to scare me--until I just stopped questioning them and became co-dependent. He's also warm, empathetic, a great combo of spiritual and secular, funny, and a wonderfully natural writer who penetrates deep into the souls of both the dead--and the living.

Quote: Merle Ginsberg

As a radio show host, I have had direct access to the world's best psychics and mediums. No one has consistently amazed me more, than the young and gifted Thomas John. His details are so acute and his information so accurate, that my listeners never cease to be astounded, comforted and healed. The only thing as vast as his mediumship abilities is his equally beautiful heart. There are no skeptics after a session with Thomas John and the world can breathe a sigh of relief that loved ones never die.

Quote: Laura Smith

A wonderful introduction to the Other Side. His stories delight, entertain, and inform.

Quote: Echo Bodine

Thomas John's way with words will hit home with everyone! His loving memories of his father especially made me smile and I could relate. Living with this ability is what you make of it and Thomas has chosen to use his wisely!

Quote: Concetta Bertoldi

According to psychic medium, Thomas John, 'The dead view life as a classroom that teaches us vital lessons.' In his meticulously researched, yet delightfully readable Spirit 'tell-all,' John shares healing messages from the Other Side, producing an often humorous, but always authentic guide showing us how we, the living, can focus on unconditional love, gratitude and forgiveness to manifest greater meaning, purpose and joy in our everyday lives.

Quote: Kathy Eldon

Reading Thomas John's Never Argue With A Dead Person is like having a best friend who's a great storyteller and happens to be able to commune with the dead; endlessly fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. As with all great books and life itself, the hours fly by and you wish it would never end--and it doesn't!--it stays with you long after the last chapter ends.

Quote: Monte Farber & Amy Zerner

I've been to many mediums.Thomas is by far the most accurate one. Spot on!

Quote: Jenny McCarthy

homas John is one of the most gifted psychic mediums working today. His book is a lively, entertaining and informative account his work with the other side. I recommend it highly.

Quote: Paul Selig

Thomas John in The Hollywood Reporter.

Quote: Biagi

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