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by Bloom, Penelope

The first rule about a casual hookup is to have an exit plan. No strings. No attachments. Get in, get out - euphemism intended.
The lesser known second rule? Make sure your casual hookup isn't about to become your wedding planner. Yeah. Long story.

The wedding was going to be a fake. The only catch was nobody could know. Not even my wedding planner.
Now the wedding planner thinks I'm the world's biggest bastard. She thinks I'm in love with the woman I'm supposed to marry. She thinks a lot of things, but she doesn't know the truth.
She's got no idea she's going to fall for me by the time this thing is over.
She's got no idea our little hookup wasn't meaningless. Not to me, at least.
And worst? She thinks she's safe around me. She thinks I'm off the market, that there can't be a repeat because there's someone else.
There's nobody else. Just her. And ever since the first taste, I knew she was all there'd ever be.

Author's Note: Don't run away from the ultimate playboy. He's ready to fake marry you so hard . She's sweet and sassy, he's over the top in everything. They're a match made in fake marriage history.

Penelope Bloom is a USA Today, Amazon, and Washington Post bestselling author whose books have been translated into 10 languages. Her popular romances include His Banana, Her Cherry, Savage, Anyone But Rich, and Punished. Her writing career started when she left her job as a high school teacher to pursue her dream. She loves taking her imagination for a spin and writing romances she'd want to live. She likes a man with a mind as dirty as sin and a heart of gold he keeps hidden away. Her favorite things include getting to wear socks all day - pants optional - and being a positive example for her girls.

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