A 70-Year Love Story

by Shay, Art

My Florence is a collection of striking moments drawn from the shared life of renowned Chicago photojournalist Art Shay and his beloved wife, Florence. By turns casual and glamorous, pensive and humorous, the photographs start on the day Art and Florence met in 1942, as 20-year-old camp counselors in the Catskill Mountains, and continue for seven decades.

Former Life magazine staff reporter Art Shay is famous for immortalizing some of America's most compelling 20th century figures, including John F. Kennedy Jr., Muham­mad Ali, and Eleanor Roosevelt. But the story of Florence was Shay's constant beat. The result is a story that runs deep and reads as a call to joy and source of inspiration for lov­ers, family, and friends.

After flying fifty-three combat missions in World War II, Art Shay joined Life maga­zine as a staff reporter, before leaving to become one of American's leading photojournal­ists. His pictures regularly appeared in Time, Fortune, The Saturday Evening Post, Forbes, Business Week, Parade, and The New York Times Magazine. Several have been singled out as among the most enduring American photographs ever taken. He lives in Chicago and blogs weekly, "From the Vault of Art Shay," for the Chicagoist.

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...As Shay takes us on this sentimental journey, chronicling his life and times with Florence, local and even national celebrities inevitably find their way into the frame: Nelson Algren, Studs Terkel, Billy Corgan and Eleanor Roosevelt. The city of Chicago also makes cameos, serving as backdrop for many of the photographs starring Florence. All of these images culminate in telling a narrative of the Shays' years together, filled with family, friends, celebrities, celebrations, adventures and, at the center of it, a lifelong love. - starred review by Amy Danzer

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Florence Shay was a force to be reckoned with, a marvelous, witty, beautiful and well-read lady whose husband Art loved her very much and took some pictures of her that pierce my heart: there she is, glorious Florence. I miss her (and her book shop, too). Art Shay's photographs bring us into their family, so immediately and warmly that it is a little shocking and quite wonderful. -- Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler's Wife)

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