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Viking (2013-09)
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by Haskell, Molly

MY BROTHER, MY SISTER is a very personal story about the author’s brother who, already in his late fifties, a father and twice married, decided to live the rest of his life as a woman. Molly Haskell received a Guggenheim Award for this book in 2010, which is long-awaited and the product of years of hard labor.

Molly’s articles have appeared widely in publications such as Town and Country, Ladies’ Home Journal, Family Circle, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Vogue, Ms., and Woman’s World. She is primarily known as a film critic (her books include the now classic FROM REVERANCE TO RAPE: THE TREATMENT OF WOMEN IN THE MOVIES (Chicago, 1987) and, most recently, FRANKLY, MY DEAR: “GONE WITH THE WIND” REVISITED (Yale, 2009)), but also wrote an earlier memoir describing her husband’s illness (A MEMOIR, LOVE AND OTHER INFECTIOUS DISEASES (Morrow, 1990)).

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With candor and sly humor, the author questions her ideas about womanhood and considers the relationship between gender and identity as they relate to Ellen, herself, and myriad films and other aspects of popular culture. At the heart of this intelligent memoir lies the process through which Ellen’s transsexualism became, then faded from being, the primary fact of the siblings' respective lives. A discerning, vital memoir.

Review: Kirkus

As the conversation surrounding the unknowns of what causes transgender continues, this work makes a significant contribution to its literature. PW also chose MY BROTHER MY SISTER as one of their Top 10 Memoirs for Fall 2013 in their 6/24 issue.

Review: Publishers Weekly

Haskell eloquently chronicles the emotional torrent both siblings suffered as brother became sister.

Review: Booklist

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