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Bloomsbury (2016-03)
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by Thier, Aaron

Key West, 2016: Sea levels are rising, coral reefs are dying. In short, everything is going to crap. It’s here that two young filmmakers find something to believe in…

Narrated by five different twenty-somethings from around the New World and at five moments in time (1560, 1750, 2013, 2200, 2500), each is concerned with the problems that besiege young people: loneliness, family trouble, drugs and alcohol, the feeling of not knowing anything and not knowing what to do with their lives.

What links them is the immortal Mr. Eternity, an ancient mariner called Daniel Defoe who entangles himself in the lives of people he meets while searching the Americas for his lost love.

Set against an ever-changing ecological and historical backdrop—from conquistadors and Brazil nuts to slavery, colonialism and lecherous mermaids—the adventurous tales paint an epic picture of expansion and collapse, climate change and human vanity, and the poignant vulnerability of a species trying to satisfy infinite ambition on a finite planet.

Aaron Thier is the author of "The Ghost Apple". He writes a column for Lucky Peach and he is a regular contributor to The Nation. He lives with his wife in Miami.

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terrific interview with Aaron Thier, on the occasion of the paperback release of MR. ETERNITY. It’s from “Burning Worlds”, a column in the Chicago Review of Books column that’s dedicated to examining trends in climate change fiction, or “cli-fi”

Quote: Chicago Review of Books

...the moral imagination behind Defoe’s adventures rivals that of his namesake, begging comparison to the best literature has to offer.

Review: Publishers Weekly

Sam Sacks atThe Wall Street Journalhas made his list of the "Best New Fiction," featuring Aaron Thier's MR. ETERNITY. He describes it: "Our deathless hero rides out the cycles of history by spinning yarns. He has seen marvels...the fun of this wily book is in untangling the truth from his trolling fabrications...."

Review: Wall Street Journal

Aaron Thier's MR. ETERNITY is shrewd, smart, and funny.

Quote: Elizabeth Kolbert

UK: Bloomsbury UK : China: Citic Press

Quote: Cannell

Erudite. Imaginative. A work to be read slowly and savored.

Review: Kirkus, starred review

Thier has reinvented the comic novel, reimagined the picaresque, written the Don Quixote for our time—one that features not a mad idealist but a cynical wit, appropriate for this century and the ones (if any) to follow.

Review: NPR

Aaron Thier's MR. ETERNITY got a listing on the August 2016 "Indies Next" List, an endorsement from American independent booksellers.

Quote: Indie Next List

What You Can Learn by Reading Hundreds of Amazon Reviews by the Same Person, by Aaron Thier

Quote: Observer

The combination of vivid inventiveness at the sentence level, and wide-ranging vistas across the centuries, makes this novel a joy to read. Daniel Defoe himself would have loved this book.

Quote: Kim Stanley Robinson

An absolutely phenomenal book, a comedy of everything. Astonishing.

Quote: Michael Hofmann

MR ETERNITY is a Thurber Prize for American Humor finalist.

Quote: Thurber Prize for American Humor

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