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The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership

by Baldoni, John

With its easy-to-grasp breakdown of key leadership attributes and illustrative examples drawn about leaders from Margaret Thatcher to Sergio Marchionne, MOXIE is yet another engaging guide from renowned author John Baldoni.

Leaders today need to be mindful of their circumstances as well as mindful of their own strengths and shortcomings. They need to have the disposition to succeed as well as the inner resourcefulness to persevere. Leaders must be willing to do things differently but also draw on tried and true traits, such as courage and gumption.

Moxie is a concept that the modern leader is wise to adopt—one part courage, one part can-do spirit, and one part recognition. In Moxie: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, author John Baldoni uses concrete, tried-and-true steps to bring out the inner leader in everyone. For management and employees alike, Moxie provides a roadmap to inspire innovation and effective leadership. Whether you’re already at the helm of your organization or still looking for a way up the ladder, Moxie is the leadership tool you can’t do without. Built on the MOXIE framework, leaders learn how Motivation, Opportunity, an “X” factor, Innovation, and Engagement work together for success.

John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership educator, executive coach and speaks throughout North America and Europe. Baldoni is the author of a dozen books, including Lead with Purpose, Lead Your Boss, and The Leader’s Pocket Guide, and has written for a variety of online publications including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and BusinessWeek. His leadership resource website is

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