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Why Losing Faith in Institutions Provides the Tools to Transform Them

by Zuckerman, Ethan

Mistrust is a guidebook for those looking for new ways to make change as well as a fascinating explanation of how we've arrived at a moment where old ways of engagement are failing us. The rise of mistrust is provoking a crisis for representative democracy - and solutions lie in the endless creativity of social movements.

From the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street, and from cryptocurrency advocates to the #MeToo movement, Americans and citizens of democracies worldwide are losing confidence in the system. This loss of faith has spread beyond government to infect a broad swath of institutions - the press, corporations, digital platforms - none of which seem capable of holding us together. How should we encourage participation in public life when neither elections nor protests feel like paths to change?

Drawing on work by political scientists, legal theorists, and activists in the streets, Ethan Zuckerman offers a lens for understanding civic engagement that focuses on efficacy, the power of seeing the change you make in the world.

Ethan Zuckerman is associate professor of the practice of civic media at the MIT Media Lab, and directs MIT's Center for Civic Media. He is the author of Rewire and lives in Lanesboro, Massachusetts.

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... [I]n many respects the divide between a call for unity that can be read as nationalistic and one that can be understood as cosmopolitan is the real split in the world today.

Review: New York Times Book Review

If you want to understand the root causes that are driving citizens around the world to give up on institutions and elect leaders like Donald Trump - and what we can do about them - Mistrust provides a comprehensive and compelling answer from one of our great scholars of social change.

Quote: Eli Pariser

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