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by Gee, Kimberly

The best playdates include sharing! Clever opposites narrate a busy toddler playdate full of playing, taking turns, sharing and more, in this charming companion to Up, Up, Up, Down!

From the moment his friends arrive, this energetic boy and his dad are ready for a day full of adventure and opposites. They giggle through a game of hide, hide, hide--find! Taking turns on the slide means stop, stop, stop--go! And of course there's sharing with mine, mine, mine--yours and then more generous yours, yours, yours--mine! Dad is close by supervising all the fun, until it's time to say bye, bye, bye--come again!

Kimberly Gee's expressive illustrations emphasize the playful fun between a boy, his friends, and his father in this clever concept book about playdate dynamics that are sure to entertain little (and big!) members of the family.

One day when Kimberly Gee's twins were toddlers, she was getting them ready to leave the house. She might have been a tiny bit pressed for time. She might have encouraged the twins to HURRY--about a dozen times or so. Then, just as she opened the front door, they ran out of the house! "SLOW DOWN!" she called. The twins turned and gave her a look that said, Didn't you tell us to hurry? This made Kimberly notice that a toddler's day is full of opposites (and the parents' day, too!). Chuckling over the joy (and work!) of those toddler-rearing days inspired her to create this book. Kimberly is the author-illustrator of Mad, Mad Bear! and Today with Meg and Ted, and the illustrator of The Class (by Boni Ashburn). She lives in Claremont, California, with her twins and their dad.

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