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The Cocoon Story Continues

by Saperstein, David

Metamorphosis is the sequel to the New York Times bestselling Cocoon trilogy and continues where Cocoon left off—keeping you hooked from the first page and never letting go.

Five years after the Geriatric Brigade’s departure from Earth, a new generation Antarean Mothership has returned. The crew, made up of Antareans and Brigade members, was on a dual mission to extract the sleeping cocooned Antarean army and deliver a wondrous cargo, which included twenty-two pregnant Brigade female “seniors” and one young pregnant Penditan bride to give birth on Earth.

The physical processing that had prepared the Geriatric Brigade for deep space travel had stopped, and then slowly reversed, the physiological mechanics of human aging. Among deep space travelers there exists one overriding directive regarding the birth of interplanetary offspring, especially those of a “mixed mating.” This directive requires that these Brigade mothers-to-be return to Earth to give birth. While the cocooned Antarean army was extracted from their secret underwater chamber, the children of the Geriatric Brigade were born.

Even as infants, it was clear that the children of the Geriatric Brigade were evolved—a new race possessing new and extraordinary powers. But how these wondrous gifts would affect the children, and their future, was still unknown.

David Saperstein is an author, filmmaker, and professor whose first novel, Cocoon, became a New York Times bestseller. The novel was made into a movie and won two Academy Awards. He has written fourteen novels and thirty-five movie and TV scripts, directed feature films, created lyrics for over eighty published songs, and written librettos for three musicals. He has taught, lectured, and facilitated seminars in colleges and corporations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Saperstein was born and raised in New York.

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