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Book the Second of the Wells of Ythan Quartet

by Alexander, Marc

The Wolf King holds court in River Garde; in Danaak, the Regent is ensorceled, gradually becoming something tainted: the evil of the enchantment turns even on its own acolytes

Legend tells of the fall of Ythan, of a lost Princess lying bewitched in the depths of an unknown wilderness. With her lies the key to the lifting of the Enchantment that has spread its corruption over fair Ythan.

The task of finding her has fallen to unlikely hands: an apprentice toymaker, a spoiled young nobleman, a court jester and a motley crew of misfits.

But the evil has turned on itself, the corruption gnawing at its own innards; and now the Regent of Danaak, afflicted with a creeping, sorcerous horror, can find hope only in the waters of the legendary Wells of Ythan.

Two legends: in one lies hope for Ythan, in the other despair.

Marc Alexander is a former Fleet Street journalist and a consultant editor of Heritage Magazine. For many years he contributed a regular history column to Majesty magazine. His books include The Outrageous Queens, Haunted Churches and Abbeys of Britain, Royal Murder and A Companion to the Royal Heritage of Britain.

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