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by Freeman, Judith

A captivating, emotionally taut, beautifully written story about the complexities of a friendship between two women - and how it shapes, and reshapes, both of their lives

Jolene and Verna share complicated bonds of friendship that have crystallized over time - their lives are inextricably linked. But when Verna marries Vincent, Jolene's ex-husband, their paths may have finally, permanently, diverged. A successful artist, Jolene travels the world, attracting attention wherever she goes. Verna, a writer, works from her home near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, where she and Vincent plan to spend the rest of their lives. Then Jolene asks one more favor of Verna - to take a road trip with her to their small hometown in Utah. It's a journey that will force them to confront both the truths and falsehoods of their memories of each other and of the very beginnings of their friendship.

JUDITH FREEMAN is the author of four novels (Red Water, The Chinchilla Farm, Set for Life, and A Desert of Pure Feeling), a collection of stories (Family Attractions), and a biography of Raymond Chandler (The Long Embrace). She lives in California and Idaho.

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