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Alfaguara (1995)
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by Pérez-Reverte, Arturo

Vatican City, 1995. A computer hacker breaks into the Pope's personal computer leaving him a message in which he claims that the Church of Our Lady of Tears kills to defend itself. Intrigued, the Holy Father orders an investigation into the matter. Monsignor Spada will assign the mission to his best agent, the priest Quart, who has long experience in the dark affairs of the Holy See. Meanwhile, in Seville, the aristocratic Macarena Bruner, a beautiful divorcee who owns the rights to the land where Nuestra Señora de las Lágrimas stands, scandalizes the city with her inappropriate love affairs with a flamenco dancer, while she flirts around Seville and is a leading member of a group that resists demolishing the church.

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Fritz Agency
Antonia Fritz

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THE MAN FROM ROME, the film adaptation of LA PIEL DEL TAMBOR (The Seville Communion in English) by Arturo Pérez-Reverte will be released in Spain in September 2022, under Amazon Video.

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