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Why Finance is a Force for Good

by Balkin, Jeremy

Investing with Impact: Why Finance Is a Force for Good outlines the roadmap to reinvigorating a skeptical public and demoralized financial services industry by making the case that, contrary to popular misconception, finance is not the cause of the world’s problems; in fact, it can provide the solution.

Author Jeremy Balkin presents the case that the finance industry can improve the state of the world by positively influencing the allocation of capital.

Investing With Impact explains the methodology of Balkin’s 6 E Paradigm, opening the toolbox to this revolutionary framework for the first time. In so doing, Balkin expands the impact investment universe, enabling mainstream capital to flow where opportunities generate positive investment returns and have demonstrable social impact.

Described by the Huffington Post as the “Anti-Wolf of Wall Street,” Balkin is challenging the status quo on Wall Street by leading the intellectual debate embracing the $1 trillion frontier impact investment market opportunity. The book demonstrates conclusively that, if we can change the culture in finance, we can change the world for the better.

Jeremy Balkin is regarded as an international expert on values in finance and impact investing. His popular TED talk, "The Noble Cause: Positively influencing the allocation of capital," makes the case for impact investing and outlines the revolutionary framework he developed called The 6 E Paradigm. Jeremy Balkin is on record describing "Philanthropy as an asset class" and is regularly asked to share his views at international conferences, newspaper opinion editorials, and private boardroom events. He has been invited to speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos, United Nations in New York, London School of Economics, Harvard, and Yale. After surviving a life-changing extreme sports injury in 2008, Balkin has gone on to run the New York, Boston, Chicago, and London Marathons, and successfully returned from Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, raising funds for a range of causes in the process through his non-profit philanthropic fundraising platform, Give While You Live. Balkin is a selected Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, member of the prestigious ROI Community, and has been nominated as a state finalist for the highest civilian honor in Australia, The Australian of the Year Award. In 2014, he was honored to receive the prestigious Alumni Award for Achievement, becoming the youngest recipient in the history of the University of New South Wales. Jeremy Balkin has a bachelor of commerce degree and a master's in applied finance, and studied at the University of New South Wales and Harvard Kennedy School. He resides in New York City.

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Interview: Former banker Jeremy Balkin argues why we need to fundamentally reshape values in the world of finance.

Quote: ABC Radio, Australia

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