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Michael Joseph (Penguin) (2012-05)
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Historical adventure fiction


by Berridge, A.L.

Historical adventure set against the scenery of the Crimean war.

1854 - The Allied armies prepare to besiege the Russian stronghold in the Crimea. Harry Ryder is a maverick hero. Resentful of the army that destroyed his father and his own career, he has no time for incompetent commanders. He clashes with his superiors as fiercely as he fights the Russians.
Four men, one woman and a game of cards will change everything and alter the course of a war. Something evil has crept into the ranks of the British Army's own officers, an unknown enemy who plans lure men to ruin on the battlefields. The only path to victory lies in uncovering the truth, but to find it and confront his own destiny Ryder must charge with the Light Brigade into the Valley of Death itself...

A. L. Berridge read English at Oxford, and taught for ten years before moving into television, where her production credits range from period drama and thrillers to long- running soaps. She has written two previous novels, Top Ten besteller Honour and the Sword and In the Name of the King.

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The years of scholarship and research are evident in this debut novel, which is by turns fast and furious, poignant and charmingly humorous... [A] novel of quality, which...will leave you satisfied and anxious to know what happens next to these characters you have come to care about.

Review: Norwich Evening Post about "Honour and The Sword"

A brilliant, fast-paced reads like Bernard Cornwell crossed with The Three Musketeers.

Quote: Conn Iggulden about "Honour And The Sword"

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