The Adventures of a Reluctant Student

by Bach, Richard

ILLUSIONS II is Bach’s new spiritual memoir and his first comment on his near-death experience in a 2012 plane crash.

Bach says, “I never planned to write a follow-up to Illusions. But after I was very nearly destroyed in an accident aboard my seaplane, I wondered if it was not an accident at all, but a test.”

Each chapter here begins with an inspiring truth. “In every disaster, in every blessing, ask, ‘Why me’? There’s a reason, of course; there’s an answer.”

In response to being asked if ILLUSIONS II is an entirely new text, author Richard Bach says, ‘The quote that is the dedication of the book is from Illusions: "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." The book uses the name of Donald Shimoda in totally different scenes. It uses my name in totally different scenes. The title is the same except for the number "II." The subtitle is the same except for one word. Is any of the original book copied into the sequel? No.’

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