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Templar (July 2012)
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by Busby, Cecilia J.

Max and Olivia are loving life at Camelot – not only is Max having magic lessons with the great wizard Merlin, Olivia is finally in training for the Squire's Challenge.

But disaster strikes when Camelot is frozen inside a magical mountain of ice and it's all Max's fault. Can he and Olivia join forces with their new friend Vortigern the duck to rescue Arthur and Merlin from their icy prison? Or will Lady Morgana get to Camelot first, and seal their doom? In the third book in the SPELL series, Icespell, Max and Olivia are forced to use all their wits to get out of trouble. King Arthur, Merlin, and their father, Sir Bertram, are all trapped in the ice mountain, and Morgana is on her way down from Gore. In three days she'll reach Camelot, and if she has anything to do with it, no one will make it out of the ice mountain alive. Max and Olivia, together with Adolphus, Ferocious and their new friend Vortigern the royal duck, have to find a way to undo the spell. Together they head for the last known whereabouts of Adolphus's Great-Aunt Wilhelmina, who is surely magical enough to help. But Snotty and Jerome are hot on their heels. Will they find a spell to dissolve the ice? And can they make it back to Camelot in time?

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