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How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

by Baer, Jay

Based on proprietary research and more than 70 exclusive interviews, New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer offers a new playbook for handling unhappy customers. Hug Your Haters provides the recipe for a mobile, social, right-now world where complaints are faster and louder than ever.

Hug Your Haters is the first customer service book written for the modern, mobile era.

Technology has evaporated the barriers of complaint. With smart phones and always-on Internet access, consumers complain more often and across more channels, many of them public. This requires a completely new system for instantly finding, evaluating, and addressing these complaints.

Jay Baer and Edison Research conducted a landmark study of more than 2,000 consumers and found that not all complainers ("haters") are created equal. In fact, there are two vastly different categories of haters: Offstage Haters and Onstage Haters. Baer also includes The Hatrix, a detailed examination of the differences between Offstage and Onstage haters. The book reveals:

• how, where and why people complain (by demographic and by channel)
• how and when consumers expect a response when they complain
• the advocacy impact of answering (or ignoring) a customer
• differences in complaint type and expectations by industry

Supported by dozens of interviews with large and small companies, social networks and review websites, psychiatrists, and legal experts, Hug Your Haters gives readers a step-by-step process to magnify the impact of happy customer interactions, and to minimize the impact of haters and complainers.

Customers expect more from business than ever before, and the importance of real-time customer service has never been greater. Hug Your Haters explains this new reality and shows readers how to embrace complaints and turn bad news into good.

Jay Baer is a digital business expert, global keynote speaker, and the New York Times bestselling author of Youtility. He has advised some of the most iconic brands and organizations in the world, including Nike, Best Buy, and The United Nations. He is also a contributor to Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes. His Convince & Convert Media division produces the world's #1 content marketing blog, and multiple award-winning podcasts. He also founded the only search engine for audio education for marketers,

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Customer service is the new marketing. You need to buy this book if you care about your customers and your business

Quote: Gary Vaynerchuk, Author

Hug Your Haters is one of the most profound books a business can read today. Baer is one of the foremost experts on customer experience.

Quote: John R. DiJulius III, Author

Finally a book with steps to get even the toughest critics on your side!

Quote: Jeffrey Hayzlett, Author

Jay Baer demonstrates that the single greatest threat to customer retention is to appear indifferent to customer complaints.

Quote: Steve Curtin, Author

his is a landmark book in the history of customer service.

Quote: Gay Kawasaki, Author

Jay provides strategies that are easy to understand and can be immediately implemented.

Quote: Jeffrey Gitomer, Author

If you need to decrypt customer service, you NEED to read Hug Your Haters. Baer gives you a better map to success than anyone else.

Quote: Chris Brogan

When customers complain, they aren't just being negative - they're giving you fascinating insights and inspiration about your brand. Hug Your Haters reveals why detractors can become your most valuable customers.

Quote: Sally Hogshead, Author

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