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Pocket Books (March 2010)
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by Albert, Michele

HER LAST CHANCE by Michele Albert is a romance/suspense story set in Philadephia, which reads well and impresses with depth and detail.

Avalon operative Claudia Cruz and the darkly intense FBI agent Vincent DeLuca clash in a battle of wills while chasing down the same art thief. Determined to apprehend the elusive criminal before Claudia does, Vince can’t help but admire her smarts and ruthlessness. For Claudia, the undeniable spark between them starts out as a fun game, and she flirts with Vince just to push his buttons. But then the dangerously handsome agent begins to steal her heart...and she soon finds herself in bed with the aggravating man. Suddenly the thief turns the tables on his hunters and they must rely on one another to stay alive—and in the process, discover what’s most important to them.

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