Allen & Unwin
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Allen & Unwin (August 2012)
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Historical adventure fiction


by Castles, Belinda

Compelling, heart-breaking and life-affirming, this is a story of great love and courage in desperate times.

Emil and Hannah live their lives amid the turmoil of 20th century history. Emil, a German veteran of the Great War, has returned home to a nation in turmoil. As inflation and unemployment edge the country toward collapse, he finds himself clashing with the political forces gaining ascendancy. His involvement with resistance forces will ultimately drive him from his family and his home as the Nazis cement their hold on Germany. Hannah, soaked in the many languages of her upbringing as a Russian Jew in the West End of London, leaves home for Europe, and survives on her translation skills in a continent headed once more toward total war.
In Brussels, working for the trade unions, she meets the devastated Emil, who has just crossed the border on foot from Nazi Germany, leaving tragedy in his wake. They briefly manage to make a life in England. But war strikes, and Emil, an enemy alien, is interned and transported to Australia. Hannah, determined to find him, sets off herself on the lonely and dangerous journey across the seas ...

Based on the story of the author's own grandparents, this is a remarkable romance. Hannah and Emil’s is a moving love story riven by the powerful currents of history - an inspiring story of courage, conviction, unshakeable determination and love.

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