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Greener Marketing

by John Grant

Can Marketing become Planet Positive and Purposeful?

This book brings the complex and fast-evolving subject of sustainable marketing bang up to date. It covers topics ranging from climate strikes and plant-based brands, to sustainable design and the ubiquitous brand purpose campaign. The book aims to equip marketers to take sustainability to heart and help sustainable brands to market themselves better. Despite the many challenges, this is a hopeful book, full of heroic case studies and helpful how to's.

" John's Green Marketing Manifesto was an instant classic in 2007. This book is a worthy sequel covering many essential sustainability and purpose related topics. As always, clever, insightful and ahead of its time. A MUST read for every marketer, agency and business leader.">/br> Gemma Greaves Former Chief Executive, The Marketing Society

" John gets it spot on. The elephant crashing around the unsustainable room is consumption. What fuels this – marketing? What sector needs disrupting sustainably more than any other? Marketing! And here's not just a call to reform but a plan to do so, with pace, scale and energy."
Mike Barry Former Director Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer

" John wears his own impressive expertise in sustainability lightly – but it's not possible either to critique today's marketing industry, or to propose fundamental improvements in the way it operates in future, without that kind of expertise. There are many, many years of front-line experience reflected in these pages."
Sir Jonathon Porritt Co-Founder, Forum for the Future


Foreword for ‘Greener Marketing’ By John Grant VII

Introduction 1

Section I Not Bad 13

1.1 Waking up to an Environmental Crisis (again) 16

1.2 Actually, Consumers Do Buy Sustainable Goods 22

1.3 From Plastic Brands to the Circular Economy 24

1.4 Instagram, Influencers, and Brands as Folklore 29

1.5 Simple Marketing, Complex Sustainability 35

1.6 Fifty Shades of Greenwash 39

1.7 Transparency? Or Another Façade 49

1.8 An Advertising Vow of Chastity? 55

1.9 What is Sustainability? An Ethic and an Emergency 59

1.10 Sustainability as a New Way of Doing Business 71

1.11 Eco-Labels, Their Struggle and Ongoing Role 81

1.12 Let’s Redesign Life 88

Section II Net Good 99

2.1 Year of the Street Protest 102

2.2 The Blue Planet Effect 107

2.3 Plant-Based Revolution 115

2.4 Capitalism. Time for a Reset 123

2.5 Corporate Citizens 127

2.6 Every Business a Social Venture 136

2.7 Is it a Purpose (or Just a Pose?) 150

2.8 Brands Doing Good 162

2.9 Consumer Behaviour – Snakes & Ladders 170

2.10 Design for Nature and Human Nature 179

2.11 Build your own Paradigm Shift in 15 Steps 191

Section III Aim, Frame, and Game 211

3.1 AIM – Defining the Task 213

3.2 Frame – Cultural and Cognitive Positioning 220

3.3 Game – The Greener Marketing Grid 226

What Now? (Concluding Thoughts) 243

Index 245

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