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by Ferrante, Marco

A powerful debut novel about the rise and fall of a Roman upper class family named Misiano. It moves between finance, politics and seduction. It’s ironic, sharp, irreverent and a page-turner. A wonderful, big social comedy in modern Italy.

This novel tells the sotry of a powerful Roman family and the people that surround it. There is Eduardo Misiano, the pater familias, big fancy lawyer, a man of intellectual power and high moral values. There is his wife Elsa, full of herself, cynical, and in control of everything. Then, there are the three children: Gianni, the oldest and most ambitious. Paolo is the second, politically aware and fragile with a matrimonial wife and a morally doubtful lover. And Ranieri, the youngest, is a journalist and happily single. He knows how to enjoy life and mix a really good Martini.

What happens in this novel? Nothing. And everything. And then some more: sex scandals, political intrigue, matrimonial treason, fraud. Rome is bellissima, but also decomposing. Void of meaning, and yet dramatically fascinating.

Marco Ferrante is living in Rome. He has written several books about the Agnelli family and a biography of Sergio Marchionne (CEO of FIAT). Gin Tonic ad occhi chiusi is his first novel.

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A family story that becomes a public show: a canvas illustrating the total absence of values that lies behind the fortunes of one the families of the Rome that counts. Nothing changes while everything changes: from Moravia’s to Ferrante’s Times of Indifference only the gadgets and the social coordinates have changed. The rest – most certainly not this novel - is boredom.

Review: La Stampa

Marco Ferrante’s novel tells the story about the anthropological mutation of the members of the ruling classes into the highly sophisticated parasites of a world they no longer wish to rule… The Misano family possesses those characteristic traits of that Roman bourgeoisie that is convinced it is eternal while it is in reality receding into oblivion.

Review: Il Fatto Quotidiano

Gin tonic ad occhi chiusi (“Gin tonic with eyes shut”) offers a gallery of piercing social identikits: a social ritual scrutinised with scathing irony and amused perfidiousness.

Review: Il Messaggero

The cruel beauty of a family history that narrates the life and times of the grande bourgeoisie of Rome, with its loves, hates and deluxe gadgets. A wonderful novel, one of the best in recent times: A choral tale about the Misiano family, a powerful Roman clan with its hangers-on. Ferrante provides throughhis highly detailed lots the registry of current humanity.

Review: Corriere della sera

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