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A Novel of the Next World War

by Cole, AugustSinger, P. W.

Written by two of today's military technology experts, GHOST FLEET is The Hunt for Red October for the next-generation. This visionary thriller describes in chilling details a new world war of the near-21st century, where the battles take place in outer space and cyberspace, by malware and microchips, by drones and ‘bots and remote control.

Set in 2026, not too long from now, the world's superpower is The Directorate, a new regime that has taken over China. The first shot is fired 210 miles above Earth: a chemical-powered laser from a Directorate space station that destroys a key U.S. military communications satellite, thereby rendering the entire Pacific defense system completely vulnerable. In a series of highly coordinated instantaneous attacks on the Pacific, Japan is attacked by air, and Hawaii is conquered by land by an automated battalion of tanks and drones and swiftly becomes an occupied territory.
But there is one ship that narrowly escaped in the battle. Captain Jamie Simmons becomes a hero for leading his ship to safety and is forced to bide his time on the mainland while an older generation of ships, the "ghost fleet," are rehabilitated and made 21st-century battle-ready.

Incorporating clever references to the strategy of Sun Tzu, William Gibson's Neuromancer, and the vision of Star Trek, GHOST FLEET’s thrilling story is based on the authors' knowledge of real-world cutting-edge military developments and technologies. GHOST FLEET tweaks today's technology into next-generation uses that go beyond the wildest dreams of James Bond's Q. Yet as the authors explain in their notes (an unusual feature in a work of fiction), this vision is entirely true.

P. W. Singer is a leading specialist in military defense technology and author of numerous non-fiction titles on the topic. He was the youngest scholar to be named Senior Editor at the Brookings Institution and was named one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine. He has consulted for the U.S. military, Defense Intelligence Agency, and FBI, and advised a wide range of entertainment programs for film, television (“The West Wing”), and video games (“Call of War”).

August Cole is a journalist who was the defense industry reporter for the Wall Street Journal. This is the first work of fiction for both authors. The page-turning action will attract fans of Tom Clancy, World War Z, and readers looking for thrillers with an innovative twist.

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Kaum Krieger für die virtuelle Front

Quote: Tagesschau (Germany)

Your Must Read Summer Book... “If you are an avid reader of fiction, suspense, love Ian Fleming and his famous Agent Bond, or you are an academic interested in science, technology, military affairs, strategy, war, or moral philosophy, this is a great book.

Review: Huffington Post

2. Artikel: Die dritte Revolution auf dem Schlachtfeld. Nach dem Schießpulver und Atomwaffen läuten intelligente Kriegsroboter eine neue militärische Ära ein. Welche autonomen Waffen es bereits gibt und an welchen Staaten wie USA und Indien forschen...

Quote: Süddeutsche Zeitung

US-Wissenschaftler warnt vor 3. Weltkrieg...

Review: Huffington Post Germany

This is future war reportage with an edge—it entertains but it also has a serious argument to make.... Great stuff, worthy of the hype.

Review: Australian Naval Institute

When it comes to cyber Pearl Harbor metaphors, this book takes the cake. Providing a disturbingly realistic take on a connected future warfare scenario Singer and Cole immerse the reader into a world that lies just beyond the horizon. Their tale of interwoven fact and fiction is a quick and entertaining must read…

Review: Cyber Defense Review

It’s on the desks of four-star generals and junior naval officers, and it has found its way on to the recommended reading lists for every branch of the American military. Ghost Fleet, a novel about a future world war pitting China and Russia against a complacent United States, has become fodder for training sessions and seminars at bases across the United States, as well as briefings for national security council staff at the White House.… What’s struck a chord among both soldiers, spies and scholars in the United States and overseas is the interplay of old and new weapons, how troops react to them, and how they could revolutionize warfare.

Review: Foreign Policy Magazine

If you’ve been looking for a smart update to Tom Clancy, this is for you….

Review: Foreign Policy Magazine

Technological leaps, rising nationalism and growing geopolitical friction are giving even the most ardent idealists pause in imagining what a 21st century world war would look like. P.W. Singer and August Cole paint the picture for you in this riveting fictional work on a war waged from the skies by the United States, China and Russia.

Review: Stratfor

book review, with video interview with authors

Quote: USA Today

The book continues to attract international attention, most recently reviewed by the China army newspaper, which gave a positive response, despite the controversial China-related plotline.

Quote: China Army Newspaper

Czech: Albatros ; Indonesia: Mizan ; Italy: Mondadori ; Japan: Futami Shobo ; Korea: Sallim ; Netherlands: Karakter ; Poland: Bellona ; Taiwan: Güsa ; UK: Canelo

Quote: Greenburger

Ghost Fleet is a must read for those interested in the future of conflict. Imaginative, thoughtful, the authors have drawn together a diverse set of evolving trends in modern warfare—from ‘hybrid war’ to cutting-edge technological developments in cyber, directed energy and unmanned systems—and woven them into a scenario of great power conflict in the near future where they all interact...

Review: The Book Review Literary Trust (India)

Tom Clancy fans will relish Singer and Cole’s first novel, a chilling vision of what might happen in a world war launched by a Chinese sneak attack on America’s eyes and brains in outer space.

Review: Publishers Weekly

It’s easy to see why Ghost Fleet has captured the imaginations of foreign policy experts in the U.S. and abroad...

Review: Bloomberg View

Ghost Fleet is not only a riveting novel, it is science fiction at its best. It helps us ask the right questions about our future - questions the answers to which might help us take advantage of technology while minimizing risk to humanity.

Quote: H. R. McMaster, current National Security Advisor in the Trump Administration

1. Artikel: Wenn Roboter töten - Überall auf der Welt wird an autonomen Waffensystemen gearbeitet. - Menschenrechtsorganisationen wollen Kriegsroboter grundsätzlich verbieten lassen. - Experten diskutieren unterdessen darüber, welche Regeln autonom agierende Kampfmaschinen brauchen.

Quote: Süddeutsche Zeitung

Artikel "Cyberwar" über Peter Warren Singer

Quote: Greenburger

A harrowing, realistic future of world war... Ghost Fleet also comes with hundreds of footnotes explaining how every single military technology, ‘sci-fi’ weapon and geopolitical trend mentioned in the book is grounded in reality. That’s why, rather than simply a good read, Ghost Fleet can come across as a 400-page warning.

Quote: Wired

Fiction Books You’ll Want to Read—and Share—This Summer.

Quote: Los Angeles Times

If colleges ever decide to offer courses on first-person shooter video games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, they should use the novel Ghost Fleet as the primary textbook.

Review: Forbes

Ghost Fleet is a thrilling trip through a terrifyingly plausible tomorrow. This is not just an excellent book, but an excellent book by those who know what they are talking about. Prepare to lose some sleep.

Quote: D.B. Weiss, Writer and Executive Producer of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

Washington Post bestseller, debuted on hardcover list at #8 on July 15; Paperback debuts as Washington Post bestseller (at #9)

Quote: Washington Post bestseller

A fine example of future-war fiction... Entertaining.

Review: The Economist

Story behind the book, with a video inspired by the battle robot “Butter.”

Quote: FastCompany

Die Welt (Germany): Sunday article in major German newspaper. Authors developed US-Russia scenarios that could spark a global conflict and applied “Ghost Fleet” strategic thinking to model future conflicts.

Quote: Greenburger

I couldn’t put this one down. Reads like the very best of classic Tom Clancy, updated for the 21st century, persuasive in its detail, simultaneously thrilling and terrifying.

Quote: Philipp Meyer, author of The Son

Global war between China and the United States—unimaginable? Hardly. In Ghost Fleet, Peter Singer and August Cole lay out a plausible, frightening, and pitch-perfect vision of what such a war could look like in the near future. This page-turning marvel is the best source of high-tech geopolitical visioneering since Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising and Sir John Hackett’s The Third World War. A startling blueprint for the wars of the future and therefore needs to be read now!

Quote: Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret); Supreme Allied Commander, NATO, 2009-2013

Policy discussions: Anne-Marie Slaughter includes GHOST FLEET in her report on Davos 2016, and Daniel Solove names the book one of the great fictional works on privacy and security.

Quote: Greenburger

Ghost Fleet is a page-turner filled with thrills and chills, but it is also more than that. Drawn from real world trends in cyber tech, intelligence, and defense, Ghost Fleet offers a haunting glimpse into our future that you'll find hard to forget.

Quote: Nina Jacobson, Producer of The Hunger Games

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