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The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions

by Burroughs, Tony

The tenet of GET WHAT YOU WANT is simple, powerful and profound: "that which you are reaching toward is also reaching out toward you." For the first time, Tony has gathered many of the key teachings of "The Information" into one book.

GET WHAT YOU WANT is based on actual experiences of people who have used The Intention Process in their lives and seen it work. There is no other book based on true life experiences over a long period of time about groups of people integrating the Law of Attraction/The Intention process into their lives. Most books of this nature, though creative, have been written from the author's head rather than from witnessing thousands of people manifest things consciously. When Tony Burroughs was a young man living in Hawaii an older philosopher sage took him under his wing and became his mentor at an exotic fruit farm on the big island. Over a period of ten years, Tony learned how to farm as well as "The Information," a series of oral lessons, comprising a body of deep teachings about the very meaning of life, the history of mankind, and how to not just exist but to evolve and live a meaningful life filled with love, peace and abundance. A core teaching was in regard to intention-setting and Tony and two friends started a weekly circle to try it out. This first humble circle of three people had dramatic and life-changing effects that have resulted in Tony Burrough's life-long mission to guide others in the art of manifesting the best in themselves, their lives, and for the highest good of all.

Tony Burroughs is an author, storyteller, and a cofounder of The Intenders of the Highest Good, and also the author of the phenomenally popular daily email message "The Bridge." Burroughs is a self-empowerment advocate and community maker whose work is defining the standard for the future. He has bridged the gap between the mainstream and the magical by co-founding The Intenders of the Highest Good, an intentional community dedicated to achieving the highest potential of the individual and of the community — with Intenders Circles in countries all over the world. This simple but practical empowerment technique successfully combines the Laws of Manifestation with an Intenders Circle so that people are able to express their intentions and gratitude and bring their desires into reality. You can learn more about Tony and intenders circles at

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