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Screen-Free Fun for Children Two and Up

by Armstrong, Linda J.

It appears the days of fun and games for children have been replaced with apps and screen time. Electronic games promote individual play and connect us to screens, not people. Game On! is a collection of 300+ screen-free, traditional games and activities for children and adults that require minimal materials other than people and their brains to play. All games and activities are adaptable according to the players age, their interests, and their abilities.

Linda J. Armstrong is a consultant for children and youth programs throughout the United States. She serves in a variety of leadership positions for several nonprofit organizations and has been an adjunct professor at US and New Zealand universities. She holds three degrees in education, is the author of Family Child Care Homes: Creative Spaces for Children to Learn and is the coauthor of Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces That Wow! Linda J. Armstrong is a U.S. Gov't Women's Executive Leadership Program graduate, and former cochair of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) Early Childhood Committee. She has been awarded the U.S. Army and Air Force Medals for Civilian Service and Outstanding Contributions, and named U. S. Army New Manager of the Year.

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Linda Armstrong's Game On!, was named a Creative Child Awards 2018 Book of the Year by Creative Child Magazine.

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