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Hampton Roads Publishing Company (February 2013)
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by Atwater, P.M.H.

According to P.M.H. Atwater, one of the foremost investigators into near-death experiences, future memory allows people to “live” life in advance and remember the experience in detail when something triggers that memory.

There are many different paths to the future. Atwater explains the unifying, and permanent, effect of that experience is a “brain shift” which she believes “may be at the very core of existence itself.” In Future Memory, Atwater shows that structural and chemical changes are occurring in our brains, changes indicative of higher evolutionary development. This mind-blowing exploration of a mind blowing topic traces her findings about this phenomenon and provides an important step in understanding the relationship between human perception and reality. Future Memory: • Provides a series of steps to assist in developing future memory • Explores new models of time, existence, and consciousness • Presents an in-depth study of the brain shift and how it can be experienced • Offers an extensive appendix, resource manual, and notes

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