by Akinsiku, Lanre

A powerful YA novel about a special friendship.

The story of Wale, an outcast whose sister, Gracie, reportedly flew away and whose mom has gone crazy looking for her. Wale's friendship with Zoë (new in town, also a loner, takes care of her sick father) stalls as he tries to figure out how to connect with/impress her. Wale gets desperate and begins reading Gracie's journals, which are full of incantations, poems, and stories, and eventually uses them to connect with Zoë. As their relationship blossoms, Zoë reveals that her father is dying, that after he dies she'll be forced to live with a mother she hates, and that she's looking for a way out. Gracie returns and renounces her gifts, calling her journals and journey too dangerous to repeat. Zoë's father dies and, against Gracie's advice, Zoë begins preparing to fly; Wale is left to decide whether he'll go with her.

Lanre Akinsiku is the author under the pseudonym of LJ Alonge of four books in The Blacktop series about a group of neighborhood kids who bond over basketball.

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