by Banks, Angelica

The world of story is a magical place – where almost anything can happen. So when Tuesday and her dog Baxterr are swept into a search for Tuesday's mother, they must prepare for all manner of adventures.

Serendipity Smith leads a double life. Choosing to protect her family from the perils of fame, she has given the public the illusion of being a writer with no family who lives in a glamorous apartment at the top of a hotel. But in truth, without the fabulous wigs and glasses and long velvet coats that make up her disguise, she is Sarah McGillycuddy, wife of Denis, and mother to Tuesday, who all live together in the tall house on Brown Street with the shaggy brown dog Baxterr. It is the end of term and Tuesday is hoping her mother will finish her latest book in time to take a family holiday. But when Tuesday knocks on her door, she discovers her mother is missing… In search of Serendipity, Tuesday and Baxterr soon find themselves on a very dangerous mission. They enter the magical world where stories come from, a mysterious and unpredictable place, full of real danger and heart-stopping adventure. With the help of pint-sized heroine Vivienne Small, Tuesday will need all her wit, courage, perseverance and imagination in order to get to The End and be reunited with the people she loves. Angelica Banks is not one writer but two. Heather Rose and Danielle Wood have been friends for years. They have both written award-winning novels for adults and have always wanted to write a children’s book. They decided to write one together. Between them they have six children, a dog, three cats, quite a few guinea pigs and countless fish and bees.

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