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by Brantz, Loryn

Meet the irrepressible Feminist Baby in this refreshing, clever board book about a girl who's not afraid to do her own thing, and wants to make as much noise as possible along the way!

Feminist Baby likes pink and blue.
Sometimes she’ll throw up on you!
Feminist Baby chooses what to wear
and if you don’t like it she doesn’t care!

Designed as high-end board book (22 pages of illustrations), FEMINIST BABY delivers a strong visual message with wide-ranging appeal, as a baby book for little ones and humorous gift book for all ages. Receiving an early energetic response from the sales team, Hyperion/ Disney is planning the launch for April 2017 to target various gift-giving holidays such as Mother’s Day and graduation season, and reaching out to retail spaces in addition to traditional bookstores.

Loryn Brantz is a two-time Emmy Award-winning illustrator and design professional. She is an award-winning children’s book author and earned the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Best First Picture Book for Harvey the Child Mime.

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An engaging and poignant board book that belongs on every little one’s bookshelf.

Review: Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Film/ tv rights have sold to Tornante TV, producers of the animated comic series BoJack Horseman.

Quote: Greenburger

In the year 2016, it's become more clear than ever that we all need to collectively step it up as a human race, and infants are no exception. As illustrator and painfully funny human Loryn Brantz demonstrates in her latest viral Feminist Baby comic, if we're going to make real progress over the next few decades to prevent another 2016 from happening again, we're going to have to start in utero, y'all. Meet Feminist Baby, who is here to prove that your feminist heroes come in all shapes and diapers.

Review: Bustle

A laugh-out-loud, smart, and much-needed addition to board book collections.

Review: School Library Journal

Book Fair Highlight Title: Publishers Weekly featured this title in their London Book Fair briefcase as one of the agency’s highlight titles for London, and we’ll be highlighting this for Bologna too.

Quote: Publishers Weekly

Feminist Baby is for girls, boys, moms and dads. If you want your little person to grow up to a be a full and equal person, Feminist Baby is for you.

Quote: Rose McGowan, Activist/Director/Artist

What makes a feminist baby? According to Brantz, it’s a combination of joy (either from pounding on pots or from going pants-free), self-expression (dressing oneself in a necktie, woolen hat, and outrageously frilly skirt), and doing things her own way: “Feminist baby likes pink and blue/ Sometimes she’ll throw up on you!” With a palette as brash as her heroine, Brantz pictures this boundary-free little one as a big-eyed, roly-poly dumpling, usually not wearing any more than a diaper and a hair bow. It’s just the thing to encourage kids to be loud, proud, and uncowed.

Review: Publishers Weekly

Film rights to Tornante TV, producers of the animated comic series BoJack Horseman.

Quote: Greenburger

On January 20, in a timely announcement on the eve of the momentous Women’s March, Publishers Weekly sent out an marketing email to their extensive list. (Link:

Quote: Publishers Weekly

”We have to raise our kids with their eyes wide open,’ Brantz told TIME. The 31-year-old said she wrote and illustrated Feminist Baby to introduce the idea of feminism early on, encourage children to become “liberal and progressive thinkers,” and squash the negative connotations surrounding the expanding worldwide women's movement.”

Quote: Times Magazine

On January 20, in a timely announcement on the eve of the momentous Women’s March, Publishers Weekly sent out this marketing email to their extensive list.

Quote: Publishers Weekly

FEMINIST BABY is featured in “14 Books That Teach Intersectional Feminism To Kids"

Quote: Romper

With books like Feminist Baby and others like Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, … we have a chance to really make a change in the way the next generation thinks about gender and equality. Loryn makes it clear that this shouldn’t just be about raising girls, but also about the messages boys are raised with.

Review: GirlTalkHQ

Parents magazine wrote “See Why ‘Feminist Baby’ Comics Are Going Viral: This popular comic showcases the complexity of modern women—even very young modern women.”

Review: Parents Magazine

Feminist Baby is unexpectedly charming and warm. Pictures, here, really are worth a thousand words as Loryn Brantz does the important work of making feminism accessible with a keen understanding of what kids need to know about feminism in their young lives. Even as an adult, I found myself utterly delighted from one page to the next. Feminist Baby is not just for babies. It's for all of us. (But mostly, it's for babies.)

Quote: Roxane Gay

Spanish: Urano ; Italy: Salani

Quote: Greenburger

Feminist Baby is wonderful. Not just for moms to read to their newborn daughters, but for dads and boys too. Because Feminist Baby is truly about letting kids be whoever they feel they are.

Review: Laughing Place

Shopping for a baby shower gift for a friend, illustrator and designer Loryn Brantz conceived of an empowering and clever book idea: Feminist Baby. The charming and colorful board book helps to make feminism accessible for even the youngest readers, but its appeal knows no age.

Review: Popsugar

FINALLY! Feminism for the board-book set! Feminist Baby is cute, funny, right-on, and kind of almost makes me want to have another baby just so she can grow up reading it. That's not gonna happen, though, so I'll settle for getting for every mama-to-be and new baby I know.

Quote: Kate Schatz, author

Forget sugar & spice-fun & fierce, that's what Feminist Baby is made of!

Quote: Debbie Levy, award-winning author

Feminist Baby Is Smashing The Patriarchy In These Hilarious Comics.

Review: Huffington Post

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