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by Akhtar, Amina

Meet Anya St. Clair: aspiring fashion editor, style maven, velvet-rope VIP, Instagram trendsetter, social media chameleon, moonlighting serial killer. She never goes anywhere without her lipstick, phone, credit cards and switchblade (pearl-handled, naturally). Fashion faux-pas can prove to be fatal to anyone who is unfortunate enough to clash with her aesthetic or get in the way of her ambition for the top of the masthead at Vie, the ne plus ultra of fashion magazines. But when her BFF becomes top competition, friendly competition quickly turns fatal. #FashionVictim is delectably dark, clever, brilliant: American Psycho meets The Devil Wears Prada for the millennial generation.

Fashion editor Anya St. Clair is on the verge of greatness. Her wardrobe is to die for. Her social media is killer. And her career path is littered with the bodies of anyone who got in her way. She's worked hard to get where she is, but she doesn't have everything.

Not like Sarah Taft. Anya's obsession sits one desk away. Beautiful, stylish, and rich, she was born to be a fashion world icon. From her beach-wave blonde hair to her on-trend nail art, she's a walking editorial spread. And Anya wants to be her friend. Her best friend. Her only friend.

But when Sarah becomes her top competition for a promotion, Anya's plan to win her friendship goes into overdrive. In order to beat Sarah she'll have to become her. Friendly competition may turn fatal, but as they say in fashion: One day you're in, and the next day you're dead.

Amina Akhtar is a former fashion writer and editor. She's worked at Vogue, Elle, Style,, and, where she launched The Cut blog. She's written for numerous publications, including Yahoo Style, Fashionista, xoJane, Refinery29, Billboard, and for brands like Bergdorf Goodman and H&M's 10 Years of Style tome. After toiling in the fashion ranks for over fifteen years, she now writes full time in the desert mountains, where she's detoxing from her once glam life. #FashionVictim is Amina's first novel.

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The characters reminded me of "Heathers". A whole lot of sick fun. All I can hope is that the author was not speaking from reality.and that another book will be written very, very soon.

Review: Suspense Magazine

#FashionVictim is sick and vicious and funny and voicey. Amina Akhtar creates a virtual reality reading experience by trapping us inside the mind of a uniquely disturbed woman. There are strong, wild decisions on every page. You feel for Anya the antiheroine...but then she relentlessly fights back with insanely excessive force and savvy...I 'totes' loved this one.

Quote: Caroline Kepnes, NYT bestselling author

Sharp, stylish, and gleefully sinister; you'll never read Vogue the same way again.

Quote: Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, bestselling authors of The Royal We

I couldn't get enough of Amina Akhtar's utterly original send-up of the fashion industry. Every page of #FashionVictim pops with a dark and dishy verve. Fierce in every sense of the word.

Quote: Jessica Tom, author of Food Whore

#FASHIONVICTIM is in the September 2018 selection for Martha Stewart Living's new book club!

Quote: Biagi

#FashionVictim gives new meaning to the phrase "Dressed to Kill". A deliciously accurate, yet satirical portrayal of an industry where instead of the devil wearing Prada, she's wearing her victim's blood in a perfect shade of Essie red.

Quote: Aliza Licht, author of Leave Your Mark

#Fashionvictim is a book to not only buy, keep and read, but to inhale from page one. The sense of menace in the prologue will hook readers from the get-go, and Akhtar's sharp as a tack writing will carry you along this entertaining read to a stunning end, um, ending.

Review: NY Journal of Books

Gleefully bloodthirsty... This dark novel has the energy of "Heathers" gone 20-something".

Review: Publishers Weekly

The shallow friendships, betrayals, shifting alliances, and many, many designer shoes will keep readers hooked and laughing, if a bit uncomfortably, from Page 1 until the shocking ending.

Review: Kirkus

#FashionVictim has a TV show pilot tie-in already filmed and in the works to premiere in September 2018 on E!

Quote: Variety

The devil really does wear Prada! Full of suspense, social satire and deliciously dark humor, #FashionVictim is a fabulous, fun read that gives 'killer wardrobe' a whole new meaning. I couldn't put it down.

Quote: Alison Gaylin, author of If I Die Tonight

Audio: Audible (at auction)

Quote: Biagi Literary

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