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Gallery Books (2015-06)
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Extreme Adventure, Stone Age Wisdom, and Lessons in Living

by Graham, MattYoung, Josh

IN THE HEART OF THE WILD, written with Josh Young, co-author of five New York Times best sellers, Matt takes us inside life as a hunter-gatherer, and details the physical, mental and emotional joys and struggles of this kind of existence.

Matt Graham is one of the world’s premiere survival adventurers and primitive living skills teachers. He lives life as a hunter-gatherer, eschewing modern conveniences and amenities, hunting for his food, and roaming the land to understand it better.

His passion for revealing the challenges of living in the wild have been featured in documentaries and on television, and he currently stars in two popular US reality shows on the Discovery Channel: as one of the two stars on hit reality series Dual Survivor, now filming its fourth season, and as one of the stars of the series Dude You’re Screwed, which will soon begin filming its second season.

In this riveting account, which brings together adventure, modern medicine and spiritual quest, Graham shows us what the human body is capable of enduring when pushed to its limits.

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