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Alfaguara (Diciembre 2016)
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by Arriaga (Jordán), Guillermo

The acclaimed author of Amores Perros returns to his literary roots with El salvaje, an emotionally rich coming-of-age story about the family ties that bind us, but that can also suffocate us if we don't learn to let go of the past.

When Juan Guillermo is just an embryo in his mother's womb, his twin brother Juan José dies, strangled, before their birth. Juan Guillermo is left guilt-ridden for surviving, certain that his family blames him for his twin's death. But in the impressionable mind of a young and sensitive boy, Juan Guillermo comes to believe that he intentionally killed his twin brother and will forever be haunted by his ghost.

In the throes of a tumultuous adolescence, Juan Guillermo quickly learns that for all the beauty in the world, humanity's violence pursues him - no one in his family is safe, not his parents, his beloved older brother Carlos, his loving grandmother, nor their dog. And he will be drawn to vengeance in their name.

Taking readers from 1960's Mexico, during a time of revolutionary politics, literary and cinematic heroes, LSD, and the rock and roll of Jimi Hendrix, to the radical transformations of the 20th century, El salvaje is a visionary and moving saga of one man's desperate search for answers.

In a symbolic tour de force, the parallel story of a 19th century Inuit hunter in the Canadian iced winter wilderness in search of a wolf is interwined with Juan Guillermo's story to end up colliding. The hunter's perseverance will be put to the test against the wolf's prowess and Juan Guillermo's endurance against the raw savageness of love and death.

Book launch at the Guadalajara International Bookfair 2016:

Deutsch von Matthias Strobel
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Holland: Atlas; Italy: Giunti; Chinese (simplified): Citic; France: Fayard; Poland: Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal; Romania: Art; UK: MacLehose Press; Lithuania: Alma Littera;

Foreign licence: Client

Premio Mazatlán de Literatura 2017.

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