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House of Anansi Press (October 2014)
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Michael Hayden and Alan Dershowitz (PRO) versus Glenn Greenwald and Alexis Ohanian (CON)with an appearance from Edward Snowden

by Munk Debate / House of Anansi Press

Edited by Rudyard Griffiths

In a risk-filled world, democracies are increasingly turning to large-scale state surveillance, at home and abroad, to fight complex and unconventional threats - but is it justified? For some, the threats more than justify the current surveillance system, and the laws and institutions of democracies are more than capable of balancing the needs of individual privacy with collective security. But for others, we are in peril of sacrificing to a vast and unaccountable state surveillance apparatus the civil liberties that guarantee citizens' basic freedoms and our democratic way of life.

In this edition of the Munk Debates, former head of the CIA and NSA Michael Hayden and civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz square off against journalist Glenn Greenwald and reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian to debate the legitimacy of state surveillance. Edward Snowden also made an appearance via a pre-taped video, providing an expert opinion. His segment is included in the manuscript.

With issues of Internet privacy increasingly gaining prominence, the Munk Debate on the Surveillance State asks: Should government be able to monitor our activities in order to keep us safe?

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Fritz Agency
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