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How Medical Bias Endangers Women's Health

by Dwass, Emily

Why do so many women have trouble getting effective and compassionate medical treatment? And why, when doctors can't figure out what's going on, do women too often receive a diagnosis from the "all in her head" column. Diagnosis Female examines this widespread problem, with a focus on misdiagnosis and gender bias.

Throughout the work, journalist Emily Dwass profiles women whose stories illustrate how medical practitioners often dismiss their claims or disregard their symptoms. Because women were excluded from important medical research for centuries, doctors don't always recognize that male symptoms and female symptoms can vary from issue to issue. Even today, most diagnostic tests and treatment plans are based on studies done on men. Throughout the book, women state that their voices do not matter, or worse, their concerns are greeted with skepticism or simply ignored when they seek help. The results can be devastating and long-lasting.

Examining the bias inherent in the system, Dwass offers measures women can take to protect their health and receive better care. She offers advice, too, for the medical community in addressing the problem, so that outcomes can improve all around. If you're a woman, and you seek medical care, this book is a must-read. Your health depends upon it.

Emily Dwass has written about health, food and cultural issues for numerous publications, including The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and the Chicago Tribune. She also has written television and movie scripts for the entertainment industry.

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Excellent piece in the LA Times!

Quote: LA Times

Dwass bravely offers readers a look into medical misogyny, validating women's common experiences in doctors' offices, with both wit and candor. And in doing so, she reveals that our culture is the most sick of all.

Quote: Melissa Fabello

Emily Dwass offers an accessible and forceful addition to the growing chorus exposing the deep-seated gender bias within medicine. Diagnosis Female will speak to any woman whose voice has gone unheard at the doctor's office.

Quote: Maya Dusenbery

Dwass masterfully takes on the medical establishment for overlooking and sometimes perilously ignoring the unique medical symptoms and needs of women. While the book is thoroughly researched, it is written with sympathetic insight and even a touch of humor.

Quote: Diane E. Hoffmann

A smart and supremely telling addition to the vital body of work by women transforming pain into power.

Quote: Abby Norman

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