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(The Van Gogh Sisters)

by Verlinden, Willem Jan

During his research for a book about Van Gogh's years in London, art historian Willem-Jan Verlinden came across the three Van Gogh sisters. As he began to investigate, more and more sources came to light: family chronicles from both the father's and mother's sides, books by the second sister about her eldest brother and their childhood, school reports, medical files, documents from descendants of Van Gogh filled with letters, memories and clippings, but mainly hundreds of letters either written by or addressed to the sisters. Together, these documents and letters paint a story certainly worth telling.

The Van Gogh Sisters tells the story of a Protestant ministerial family in the predominantly Catholic province of North-Brabant during the latter half of the nineteenth century. The family would go on to leave the Catholic villages in the south and spread out to other parts of the Netherlands and across the border, all during a time in which a lot changed on social, economic, and artistic levels. Thus, the book also provides an impression of the changing role of women in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, of modernization, industrialization, education, feminism and the fin de siècle, of nineteenth - century art and literature, and — of course — of Vincent's death and his meteoric rise to fame.

Willem-Jan Verlinden (1971) studied art history in Leiden. Having worked for various Dutch museums and art foundations for many years, he has become a well-respected advisor in the field of fundraising. Together with Kristine Groenhart, he wrote Hoe ik van Londen houd: Wandelen door het Londen van Vincent van Gogh (How I Love London: Walking through Vincent van Gogh's London), released by Athenaeum publishing house in 2013.

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