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Eat Like Your Favorite Character - From Bento to Yakisoba

by Ault, Diana

Learn to recreate delicious dishes referenced in over 500 of your favorite anime series with this practical guide to anime food.

Diana Ault embarks on a food journey through the world of anime! In addition to beautiful design, fleshed-out characters, and engaging storylines, Japanese animation is overflowing with scrumptiously rendered meals that have viewers craving the crunch of crispy fried seafood, the warmth of delicious noodles and broth, and the fluffiness of soft, airy cakes. Join an otaku on her tour through anime food and find out what your favorite characters are savoring and sharing - and then learn to make it in your own home! Along with each recipe, discover facts behind the food such as history, culture, tips, and more.

Anime foods are hugely popular on social media and the internet. Crunchyroll, the largest anime streaming company, has over 2 million paying subscribers. The r/anime subreddit has over 798k subscribers. Facebook Groups like Delicious Anime Food has 1.1 million subscribers.

Born in Germany, and raised on an old family farm in Virginia, Diana has been crafting stories, kitchen experiments, and various other potentially mess-making things, since she was very young. She began her blog, Fiction-Food Cafe´, focusing on food found in books, movies, TV shows, and video games, in early 2013. Her recipes have been included in Easy Eats: A Bee a Puppycat Cookbook, Hyrule: Taste of the Wild Fanzine, The Dragon Prince Recipe Zine, Pokecafe: A Pokémon Cafe Food Fanzine, and in the Fanmail subscription box. Diana currently resides in Germany with her husband and daughter.

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