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by Hakimi, Tehila

Prose debut of linked novellas by Hebrew poet Tehila Hakimi

In the vein of CONVENIENCE STORE WOMAN and UNCANNY VALLEY, Fulbright International Writing Program Fellow Tehila Hakimi's COMPANY is a deliciously biting view of the domain of working women. In unflinching and sardonic prose, Hakimi, a mechanical engineer, strips down the veneer of the modern day workplace and gives voice to the female experience of office life.

COMPANY is made up of three linked novellas that describe how large-scale companies dissolve the female employee's individuality, thereby turning their women workers into products themselves. The characters in "Company" are eerie embodiments of their never-ending jobs: their personal lives have merged entirely with the professional. The woman's body "assumes the shape of a chair," gets stuck in the manhole of the machine she engineers, and even her dreams are haunted by her maniac manager and the financial investors.

Hakimi exposes and explores the grim and vacant spaces that employers foster, leaving emptiness in their wake: the missing boy, the cleaning women who disappear, and the futuristic relocation of the woman who can "check out" of her life by tapping a remote control in a scene resonant of BLACK MIRROR.

Tehila Hakimi is an award-winning Hebrew poet and prose writer. She was a participant of the 2018 Fulbright International Writing Program Fellowship in The University of Iowa. For her first collection of poetry [We'll Work Tomorrow, 2014] she received the Prize for Emerging Poets by the Ministry of Culture (2014) and the 2015 Bernstein Prize for Literature. She published a graphic novel [In the Water] and a linked prose collection [Company] with Resling (2018). She was awarded the Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation Prize for Literature and the National Library's Pardes Scholarship for writers 2019. Hakimi also received the 2018 Levi Eshkol Prize for Hebrew Writers. Her poems and short stories have been translated into German, English, Spanish, Croatian, Romanian, Chinese, Italian and Macedonian. Hakimi is a mechanical engineer by profession

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Tehila Hakimi has created great literature from the drudgery of the everyday work experience... Few writers are the literary representatives of the workforce experience in corporate businesses like the ones Tehila Hakimi describes in Company... This debut collection of linked-prose has justifiably received high praise.

Review: Ha’aretz

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