by Bauer, Joan

Ever since Foster's father died fighting in Iraq, things have been tough -- and ever since things have been tough, Foster has been baking. When Foster's Mother's Elvis-impersonating ex-boyfriend becomes violent and threatening, the mother and daughter high tail it out of Memphis to start over somewhere else. Still fearing for their safety, they stumble upon Culpepper, West Virginia, a little town that at first seems too small for a girl with big dreams like Foster who one day hopes to have her own cooking show. Lester and Kitty, a nice old couple from Culpepper take them in and Foster is soon immersed in a community with issues even bigger than her own. Still struggling to read in the sixth grade, Foster puts her marvelous memory to work, storing impressive recipes to use on her cooking show--but she can't hide from her problem for much longer...

CLOSE TO FAMOUS is Joan at her best--bold characters, tons of heart, and surprises throughout. Even when the book is at its most poignant, there's still humor to tie it all together and maintain the genuine quality that makes her writing special. Joan Bauer herself is much more than close to famous. She has won countless awards and critical acclaim for her many books including the Newbery Honor Book Hope Was Here and Rules of the Road, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

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