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An Illustrated Memoir

by Beasley, DionBell, Johanna

In this exuberant illustrated memoir, action-packed images and poe c words trace artist Dion Beasley's fascina on with cheeky dogs and his unconven onal journey into the world of contemporary art.

Every morning
Is it time yet?
Nearly Joie says.
Out of the freezer comes the meat.
Bones and sausages and chicken necks.
Butcher knife on the bricks, me chopping up.
Be careful! Or you'll cut your finger off Joie says.

Meet deaf artist, Dion Beasley, and the people he calls family. Dodging huge trucks by day and giant blue monsters at night, Dion weaves his way through life on an electric scooter, collecting rocks and dogs to make art. In his dreams he sees animals from overseas and his mother's country, Lake Nash, but every morning, without fail, he puts on his favourite socks and gets ready to feed the dogs.
Is it time yet?

Styled like a visual diary and crammed with Dion's wild and expressive art, Cheeky Dogs showcases Dion's world, real and imagined. Johanna's poetic language provides a voice for Dion and a bridge to understanding his life in a remote Aboriginal community and living with a disability.

Dion Beasley and Johanna Bell have also collaborated on two fiction picture books, Too Many Cheeky Dogs and Go Home, Cheeky Animals which won the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award in 2017.
Dion Beasley lives in remote northern Australia and is well known as the ar st behind the
much loved T-shirt brand, Cheeky Dogs which started in 2006. Since then, his reputa on as
an accomplished visual ar st has grown from strength to strength. Dion's talents are par cularly remarkable given he has muscular dystrophy and is profoundly deaf. Johanna Bell also lives in northern Australia and it was while driving on a bumpy stretch of road in the outback that the beginnings of the Cheeky Dog books took shape. Working with Dion has changed the way Johanna sees the world and tells stories.

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