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by Tidhar, Lavie

A worldwide diaspora has left a quarter of a million people at the foot of a space station. Cultures collide in real life and virtual reality. The city is a weed, its growth left unchecked. Life is cheap and data is cheaper.

When Boris Chong returns to Tel Aviv from Mars, much has changed. Boris's ex-lover Miriam is raising a strangely familiar child who can tap into the data stream of a mind with the touch of a finger. His cousin Isobel is infatuated with a robotnik—a cyborg ex-Israeli soldier who might well be begging for parts. Even his old flame Carmel—a hunted data-vampire—has followed him back to a planet where she is forbidden to return.

Rising above all is Central Station, the interplanetary hub between all things: the constantly shifting Tel Aviv; a powerful virtual arena and the space colonies where humanity has gone to escape the ravages of poverty and war. Everything is connected by the Others, powerful entities who, through the Conversation—a shifting, flowing stream of consciousness—are just the beginning of irrevocable change.

British Science Fiction and World Fantasy Awardwinning author Lavie Tidhar was born in Israel. He has lived all over the world, including in Vanuatu, Laos, and South Africa, and is currently making his home in London. Tidhar has been compared to Philip K. Dick by the "Guardian" and to Kurt Vonnegut by "Locus." His most recent novels, "The Violent Century" and "A Man Lies Dreaming," were published to rapturous reviews in the UK, with the "Independent "both referring to them as masterpieces. "

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Somehow, Central Station combines a cultural sensibility too long invisible in SF with a sensibility which is nothing but classic SF, and the result is a rather elegant suite of tales.

Review: Locus

Tidhar's last two books, The Violent Century and A Man Lies Dreaming, were rightly given great acclaim, so were always going to be tough acts to follow. Central Station maintains that standard, cementing Lavie Tidhar as one of science fiction's great voices, an author who creates scenarios and characters that feel destined to become classics, ones that readers will be happy to revisit time and time again. It's a compelling collection that mixes the epic and the intimate, one that succeeds at being profound, incredibly moving and, quite simply, stunning.

Review: Starburst Magazine

Characters wrestle with problems of identity forged under systems of oppression, much as displaced Easterners and Westerners do in the novels of Orhan Pamuk. And yet this is unmistakably SF. Readers of all persuasions will be entranced. (starred review)

Review: Publishers Weekly

If Nalo Hopkinson and William Gibson held a seance to channel the spirit of Ray Bradbury, they might be inspired to produce a work as grimy, as gorgeous, and as downright sensual as Central Station. —Peter Watts

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Tidhar weaves strands of faith and science fiction into a breathtaking and lush family history of the far future. —Max Gladstone, author of Three Parts Dead

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It is just this side of a masterpiece — short, restrained, lush — and the truest joy of it is in the way Tidhar scatters brilliant ideas like pennies on the sidewalk. He has pockets full of them. Enough here for ten books, easy. (Jason Sheehan)

Review: NPR

Central Station is masterful: simultaneously spare and sweeping—a perfect combination of emotional sophistication and speculative vision. Tidhar always stuns me. —Kij Johnson, author of At the Mouth of the River of Bees

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If you want to know what SF is going to look like in the next decade, this is it. — Gardner Dozois, editor of the bestselling Year's Best Science Fiction series

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A dazzling tale of complicated politics and even more complicated souls. Beautiful. —Ken Liu, Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy winner and author of The Grace of Kings

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Lavie Tidhar weaves the threads of classic and modern science fiction tropes with the skills of a gene surgeon and creates a whole new landscape to portray a future both familiar and unsettling. A unique marriage of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, C. L. Moore, China Miéville, and Larry Niven with 50 degrees of compassion and the bizarre added. An irresistible cocktail. —Maxim Jakubowski

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