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The Gift of Adoption: Inspiring Stories of Families Created Across Continents

by Aronson, Jane

In this inspiring book, internationally lauded adoption specialist Dr. Jane Aronson presents moving first-person testimonies from parents who have adopted children from abroad.

“My mommy didn’t carry me in her tummy, she carried me in her heart.” --Bailey, 5 years old (adopted from China) According to People magazine, “from all over the country... parents seek [Dr. Jane Aronson's] help as if consulting a master detective.” This one-of-a-kind woman is the go-to pediatrician and adoption expert that celebrities and other prospective parents call onwhen they adopt internationally (and in some cases domestically as well). In addition to being a lauded adoptionspecialist, Dr. Aronson is also the founder of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, which helps improve conditions for thousands of children in orphanages all over the world. Drawing on her wide-ranging experience, in CARRIED IN OUR HEARTS Dr. Aronson presents the moving testimonies of her clients, parents who have adopted children from all around the world. Divided into thematic sections, each introduced by Dr. Aronson herself (i.e. “The Decision,” “The Journey,” “The Moment We Met”), this book introduces readers to Lynn Danzker, an entrepreneur who set off alone to adopt her son, Cole, and who, in the process, met and married her husband; Patricia and Ryan Lampl, a couple from New York who, after enduring five miscarriages, found the child they’d always wanted in Yekaterinburg, Russia; and Claude Knobler, a writer from Los Angeles who traveled to Ethiopia to adopt his son, Nati, leading to a tearful, moving encounter with the boy’s courageous birth mother. The authors of these testimonies range from consultants to doctors to celebrities, and all are bound by their moving and transformative experiences as adoptive parents.

By turns uplifting, tear-jerking, and sometimes hilarious, CARRIED IN OUR HEARTS illustrates the incredible healing power of family love. Over the past two decades, Dr. Jane Aronson has touched the lives of over 10,000 adopted children from more than 30 countries. She’s held prestigious positions at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Columbia Presbyterian, Winthrop University, and the Weill College of Medicine at Cornell University, among many other institutions. In 1997, her dedication to adoption medicine led her to create the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, which has developed successful programs in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, all aimed at improving the lives of orphans in their home countries.

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Carried In Our Hearts is an amazing account of the journey that Dr. Aronson and countless families have taken toward shepherding children through the process of finding permanent and loving homes.

Quote: Hugh Jackman

These stories provide encouragement to those contemplating the adoption process… Short, sweet, eye-opening thoughts on adoption and mixed-race parenthood.

Review: Kirkus Reviews

There is a wealth of information—and hope—here for people looking at possibilities for international adoption, and there is certainly no better advocate on the long journey than the upbeat, passionate Aronson.

Review: Publishers Weekly

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