Ideas and Inspiration for Sleeping Under the Stars

by Gesell, Luc

CAMP is an inspiring, practical guide for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes and a celebration of sleeping under the stars.

Through interviews, inspiring quotes, and instruction, Luc Gesell gets to the heart of why camping is such a calling: behind the gear and techniques, it's as much about living off the grid as it is the thrill of staying alive. Just as readers bought Cabin Porn for an escape from their stressful schedule-driven lives, so too will readers come to this book for off-the-grid inspiration.

Whether you love car camping with kids, "glamping" safari style, or roughing it in a rustic lean-to in the middle of nowhere, this wild guide will get you itching to go off the grid and get out in the natural world. Interviews with adventurers take you to campsites around the world and hardworking features cover a variety of topics - from experiences of sleeping on a mountainside to the fundamentals for setting up camp. Learn how the experts organize their packs and their secrets for making the best campfire coffee. As you flip through pages of captivating photography, you'll be inspired to take a leap into the great outdoors and embrace the camping lifestyle, even if just in your backyard.

CAMP features locations in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Argentina, Venezuela, Sweden, Norway, France, Switzerland, Finland, Slovakia, Spain, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and Madagascar.

Luc Gesell is a French editor and copywriter for the advertising company Publicis. He started The Two Pines, an online outdoor magazine, with a friend, and he serves as a copy editor and photographer for the site. When he is not working, he searches for adventurous opportunities that align with his passion for the outdoors. He lives in Paris, France.

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