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Pearl Harbor and the Fate of Many Brothers Aboard the USS Arizona

by Borneman, Walter R.

This is a deeply personal and never-before-told account of one the darkest days of WWII, from the bestselling author of The Admirals and MacArthur at War.

The surprise attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 remains one of the most traumatic events in history, destroying a naval fleet, killing over a thousand crew members, and launching the United States into World War II. While Pearl Harbor catapulted a nation into battle, it also shattered military families. In the week leading up to and including Pearl Harbor, 79 blood relatives served aboard the USS Arizona. Not only were sons sent to serve on the ship, but fathers and sons together, brothers and brothers. Some families sent as many as three. On that fateful day, 63 brothers were killed.

In BROTHERS DOWN, acclaimed historian Walter R. Borneman returns to the critical week of December 7 through the eyes of these families. A deeply heroic story of sacrifice and leadership, Borneman traces the lives of these men, their relationships, and their fateful experience on the USS Arizona. More than just an account of familial bonds, everlasting patriotism, and national heartbreak, BROTHERS DOWN captures the turning point in American military history.

Walter R. Borneman is the author of nine works of nonfiction, including MacArthur At War, The Admirals, Polk, and The French and Indian War. He holds both a master's degree in history and a law degree. He lives in Colorado.

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This well-organized book is a poignant look at the brothers who were serving aboard the USS Arizona... The moving and unusual angle, excellent research, and the prose's clarity and emotion make this one a winner.

Review: Publishers Weekly

A fresh account of a well-documented historical event.Borneman's extensive research turns up interesting details... Borneman's broad knowledge and sensitive touch make it an entirely worthwhile experience.

Review: Kirkus

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