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A Step-By-Step Workbook for Ending Toxic Behavior, Setting Boundaries, and Reclaiming Your Life

by Alderete, Hannah

Heal from childhood trauma, overcome the damaging effects of emotionally immature behaviors, and discover your true self through guided activities in this friendly workbook.

Many daughters struggle with their self-worth when dealing with a narcissistic mother. It is easy to criticize yourself and bury your emotions. The effects of this trauma can lead to self-doubt, depression, anxiety, people-pleasing tendencies, fear, and many other complications that follow you into adulthood. BREAK FREE FROM NARCISSISTIC MOTHERS gives you the tools to reconnect with yourself and reintroduce all of your emotions back into your psyche.
It includes:
- Journal prompts to cultivate flexible boundaries and challenge inaccurate beliefs
- Reflective exercises for managing your relationship with your mother
- Interactive activities to help you redefine yourself

Written by an experienced mental health counselor, this book is designed to help readers access their feelings and emotions, build their confidence, and establish clear boundaries to live a fulfilling life.

Hannah Alderete is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in helping adult children of narcissists become their whole, authentic selves. Hannah's clinical training comprises relational, dynamic and emotion-focused psychotherapy with somatic underpinnings.

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